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Quick Guide on Janai Purnima Festival

The Hindu Festival Janai Purnima, also known as Rakshya Bandhan is observed by Hindus throughout the country(Nepal) on full moon day of the Shrawan(July-August) in the Vikram calendar ‘Janai purnima’ with great religious enthusiasm. Thousands of...


Know about Gai Jatra(Festival of Death) in the way most people don't know

Death is probably the most difficult thing for humans to deal with, but in Nepal they have found a way to laugh at it. They have a festival, Gai Jatra, where you can have the best time laughing at politicians and society's issues. This festival really does ...


Chhath puja in nepal

Chhath puja is performed on Kartika Shukla Shashthi, which is the sixth day of the month of Kartika in the Nepali calendar. This falls typically in the month of October or November in the Gregorian English Calendar. The exact date of the festival is decided...