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Makalu Base Camp Trekking
Makalu Base ...

Makalu Base Camp Trekking

20 Days of Trekking over high passes to Makalu Base Camp

Maximum Elevation 5000 metres (16,405 feet)

The trek to Makalu base camp visits one of the most remote and unfrequented areas of Nepal. The Barun Valley is part of a huge international protected area under an agreement between Nepal and China. The trek crosses several high passes as it climbs into the remote Barun Valley at the foot of Makalu, the world's fifth highest mountain.


This area was once threatened by a dam project on the upper reaches of the Arun River. The World Bank cancelled its support of this project in August, 1995, so this region will retain its unique character that includes interesting villages and wildlife.




Day 1: Kathmandu to Khandbari

Day 2: Khandbari to Fururu

Day 3: Fururu to Num

Day 4: Num to Sedua

Day 5: Sedua to Tashi Gaon

Day 6: Tashi Gaon to Kauma

Day 7: Kauma to Mumbuk

Day 8: Mumbuk to Nhe Kharka

Day 9: Nhe Kharka to Sherson

Day 10: Sherson to Makalu Base Camp

Day 11: Makalu Base Camp to Nhe Kharka

Day 12: Nhe Kharka to Mumbuk

Day 13: Mumbuk to Kauma

Day 14: Kauma to Tashi Gaon

Day 15: Tashi Gaon to Balung

Day 16: Balung to Pukuwa

Day 17: Pukuwa to Bumling

Day 18: Bumling to Tumlingtar

Day 20: Tumlingtar to Kathmandu


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