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Upper & Lower Dolpo trek
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Upper & Lower Dolpo trek

22 Days of Trekking
Maximum Elevation 5090 metres (16,700 feet)

Dolpo is a remote region of Nepal that has been bypassed by development and, until recently, by tourism. Although a few anthropologists and geographers had explored the region, the entire district was closed to trekkers until 1989 when the southern part of Dolpo was opened to organised trekking groups. This trek traverses the interesting trade route from Jumla to Dunai, then visits Phoksumdo Lake and the Tibetan style inner Dolpo region of Tarap before flying back from Dunai to Nepalgunj.

Peter Matthiesen'sThe Snow Leopard and Snellgrove'sHimalayan Pilgrimage have contributed to the mystique and attraction of Dolpo. Both writers visited Shey Gompa to the north of Phoksumdo Lake. Shey Gompa is not particularly interesting, and there is a $700 permit fee levied by the Nepal government, butit's possible to include a visit to Shey in this trek.


Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu
Day 02: Kathmandu City Tour
Day 03: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj
Day 04: Juphal to Dunai (2150m)
Day 05: Dunai to Tarakot (2550m)
Day 06: Tarakot to Khanigaon (2550m)
Day 07: Khanigaon to Chukore (about 3550m)
Day 08: Chukore to Kamokharka (4000m)
Day 09: Kamokharka to Dho (4130m)
Day 10: Dho to Numa La Camp (4350m)
Day 11: Numa La Camp to Bang La Camp (4500m)
Day 12: Bang La Camp to Sanu Bheri Valley
Day 13: Sanu Bheri valley to Phoksundo Lake (3730m)
Day 14: Phoksundo Lake to Pungmo Valley (3304m)
Day 15: Pungmo Valley to Lasa Meadow (about 4300m)
Day 16: Lasa Meadow to Garpung khola Valey (4000m)
Day 17: Garpung Khola Valley to Hurikot (2600m)
Day 18: Hurikot to Forest Camp (3250m)
Day 19: Forest Camp to Churta (3010m)
Day 20: Churta to Jumla (2370m)
Day 21: Jumla to Kathmandu
Day 22: Transfer to Airport

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