Nepal Travel Options



nepal-map_500Nepal has the greatest tourism varieties in the world. Rich in many aspects may it be topography for those interested in climbing, trekking and adventures or may it be the abundance of heritage and culture for those interested in discovering life the other way. Nepal a small country with amazing extremes and home to eight of the world’s highest mountain peaks including the towering and majestic Mt Everest (elevation 29,028 feet) Large green hillocks over the lush valleys roll gently down to the forested plains a natural home to the famed Royal Bengal Tigers and the almost extinct gentle giant the Rhinoceros. Though a beautiful small country with only about 120 miles in width and landlocked between China’s Tibet autonomous region on the north and India on the rest of the three sides. Nepal lies in the temperate zone the weather influenced greatly by the altitude ranging from almost sea level to the highest point on earth, it is full of ancient history and scenic grandeur its main geographical features includes the snow capped peaks, lower mountains, mid hills and the lower plains of the tropical jungles. The trekking mountaineering and cultural festivals of Nepal have long been popular and its main attraction too.


With an estimated population of almost 2.8 million of various races and tribes each speaking different dialects, draped in their traditional costumes co-existing peacefully embracing Hinduism or Buddhism the country’s main to religions. The most remarkable features of this small country is the peace, harmony and unification with which the various tribes and race exist together. Though each ethnic group speak their own dialect Nepali is the national language of this country mainly used in communications. English is also spoken and understood by many in the larger cities. This historic country is alive with active religious centers, artisans of every description, teeming bazaars and narrow back streets contrasts is what Nepal is all about. Relatively small but it contains amazingly beautiful varied landscapes, vibrant towns and cities buzzing with enthusiasm. A land truly of color, contrast, incredible serene and above all the traditional warm hospitality, the land where the messenger of peace Lord Buddha was born more than 2,500 years ago and it is also the birthplace of Sita the consort of Lord Rama.


Nepal provides an unforgettable experience to every visitor with the most diverse interests and is one of the most beautiful places on the face of this earth possessing an endlessly diverse variety of tourist attractions found nowhere else in the world. Adored for its lofty Himalayan peaks and unique natural and cultural heritage it is undoubtly a paradise for nature lovers and a hidden Shangri-La for those looking for alpine adventure tours and inner peace. Nepal represents a world of its own full of culture and nature in simple words Magical, Mystical and Mythological. Nepal is a word class tourist destination for visitors from all corners of the globe as it is one of the richest countries in world in terms of bio-diversity due to its geographical position and altitude variation. It is frequented by tourists for many a reasons, besides its natural beauty, mountaineering, trekking, rafting, bird watching and mountain biking being some of the main attractions to lure tourists into this small country which has a little of everything to offer to everyone visiting here. Nepal owing to its amazing natural and rich cultural heritage is certainly one of the heavyweights in tourism with its well established tourism destinations. The identity of this country is inseparable with the Himalayas which is the major source of inspiration and influence for all adventure lovers and spiritual seekers.


Apart from the old famous popular destinations Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini and Chitwan quite a few new popular destinations have come up in recent years. Koshi Tappu, Dharan, Dhankuta, Terathum to name a few. Trekking and Mountaineering destinations also seem to have shifted shoulders from the ever popular Mt. Everest Base Camp, Annapurna and Langtang to the Kanchenjunga, Upper Dolpo, Manaslu and the Tamang heritage trail in Langtang, these new areas will have two benefits – the trekkers will get to enjoy something new and the people in these new areas will benefit from tourism.


Nepal has captivated the imaginations of nature lovers, explorers and visitors from all walks of life since it first opened its doors in 1950 offering breathtakingly beautiful mountain scenery or in simpler words it can be only defined as Mecca for the adventurous travelers and a visit is both a scenic revelation and education in itself.