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People of Nepal

People of Nepal

Perched on the Southern slopes of the Himalayan Mountains, the Kingdom of Nepal is ethnically diverse. The Nepalese are descendants of three major migrations. These migrations have taken place from India, Tibet, and Central Asia. Among the earliest inhabitants were the Newar of the Kathmandu Valley and aboriginal Tharu in the southern Tarai region.




The history of painting in Nepal stretches as early as 11th century AD, when efforts were made through illustrations drawn on the manuscripts made of palm leaf or rice paper. Thangkas, a more predominant form of painting, are popular among Buddhists in Nepal. An art form similar to it is also popular among Lama Buddhism in Tibet. Texts prove that it dates back to the late 14th century. These paintings are predominantly done on cotton and are rectangular in shape, though other forms have also been traced. They are framed with three stripes of Chinese brocade of blue, yellow and red, which represent the rainbow that separates sacred objects from the material world. Older Thangkas consisted of mineral-based colors. Frequent themes of Thangkas include images of Buddhist figures, mandala designs, the wheel of life design and depiction of scenes from religious stories.


Pottery in Nepal


The pottery craft of Nepal is unique in itself. This tradition generally flourishes in Patan and Thimi, a locality near Bhaktapur. The most common form of pottery is the terracotta oil lamps used to light homes during the Hindu festival of light called Dipawali. Apart from that you can also find flower pots decorated with pictures of peacocks and elephants. These are good for mementoes.